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My First Prayerbook

My First Prayerbook


One of the titles in the Saint Joseph Beginner Series, My First Prayerbook by beloved author Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D. introduces Catholic children to a collection of simple prayers. Among the features of this book are:

  • a presentation page that allows for easy personalization of this book when used as a gift
  • vibrant full-color illustrations
  • durably sewn hardcover binding

My First Prayerbook includes the following excellent prayers:

  • Talking to God
    • The Glory Be
  • Morning Prayer
  • Prayer during the Day
  • Prayer for Our Family
  • Prayer for My Teachers
  • Prayer for My Priests
  • Prayer for My Friends
  • Prayer at Table
    • Prayer before Meals
    • Prayer after Meals
  • Evening Prayer
  • Prayer before Confession
  • Prayer at Mass
  • Prayer to Our Heavenly Father
  • Prayer to Jesus Our King
  • Prayer to the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer to Mary Our Mother
    • The Hail Mary
  • Prayer to My Patron Saint
  • Prayer to My Guardian Angel
  • The Rosary
    • The Mysteries of the Rosary
  • Prayer for My Pets
  • Prayer on My Birthday
  • The Prayer of Jesus

My First Prayerbook also includes a list of "Little Prayers to God" and a list of "Little Prayers to Mary".

My First Prayerbook is a wonderful, beautifully illustrated prayerbook for children. This title is an ideal gift for a child's First Holy Communion, First Confession, or other special occasion.

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