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Receiving Holy Communion: How to Make a Good Communion

Receiving Holy Communion: How to Make a Good Communion


One of the titles in the Saint Joseph Beginner Series, Receiving Holy Communion by beloved author Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D. introduces Catholic children to the meaning of receiving Communion within the broader tradition of the Catholic Faith. Among the features of this book are:

  • a presentation page that allows for easy personalization of this book when used as a gift
  • a short, easy-to-understand explanation of each of the seven precepts of the Catholic Church
  • vibrant full-color illustrations of the different parts of the Mass
  • durably sewn hardcover binding
  • a list of suggested short prayers for before Holy Communion
  • a list of suggested short prayers for after Holy Communion

Topics covered in this title include:

  • The Institution of the Holy Eucharist
  • Jesus Offers Himself in the Mass
  • The Mass - Our Greatest Gift to God
  • Holy Communion Helps Us to Love God and Each Other
  • Conditions for Receiving Holy Communion
  • Examining Your Conscience
  • Getting Ready at Home to Receive Communion
  • At Mass - Join in the Singing
  • At Mass - Listen to the Readings
  • At Mass - Respond to the Prayers
  • At Mass - Pray Silently before Communion
  • At Mass - Prayer Aloud before Communion
  • At Mass - Receive Jesus with Devotion
  • At Mass - Thank Jesus after Communion
  • Jesus Is with Us in the Tabernacle
  • Prayers to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Jesus Is "God with Us"

Receiving Holy Communion is an ideal gift for a child's First Holy Communion.

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